Pneumatic Tubes Systems for Casinos

Improve Casino Security & Efficiency with Pneumatic Tube Solutions

Modern casinos across the globe rely on pneumatic tube systems to move assets securely and efficiently from point to point. Whether your facility needs a system for on-floor security or high-roller marker movement, Aerocom’s pneumatic solutions are designed with casinos in mind.

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Benefits of Casino Pneumatic Tube System

  • Enhanced security within the gaming area as cash remains in locked carriers
  • Reduced labor and security costs
  • Enhanced customer gaming experiences
  • Self-locking drop slots
  • Secure carrier with dual key lock
  • Pre-programmable transport of chips, markers, cards & documents
  • Live transaction monitoring on system pc
  • Secure send options
  • Audit trail tracking printable reports
  • Securely and efficiently connect multiple Casino points, including
    • Gaming pits
    • Cash cage
    • Count Rooms
    • Card pre-shuffle
    • High-Roller Rooms

Secure Casino Cash Handling

For on-floor secure cash handling, docking stations are located beneath card tables with secure slots, so dealers can safely hold the cash until a drop team unlocks the double key carrier for manual transport to the cash cages.

High-Value Marker Movement

If your need is high-value marker movement from one genre to the next, connecting rooms, multiple floors or even buildings is no problem. Stations are placed in special locations so that chips, markers, and documents can be securely transferred to the designated genre. With secure send or card swipe protection, no one other than the authorized player can remove this carrier. Play can safely resume in the new location. 

Aerocom pneumatic tube systems can be specifically-tailored to meet your individual needs. To discuss customization options or to learn more about any of our pneumatic solutions, contact Aerocom today!