Pneumatic Tubes Systems for Foundries

When HOT Matters

You no longer have to rely on valuable personnel to assume the role of messenger or delivery agent in your foundry.  Pneumatic tube system transportation is a safe and fast way to get hot samples to your quality control testing labs.  Safety and timing are essential and as a leader, in tube system integration and application Aerocom provides you with both.

If you’re looking to consolidate your laboratories, consult with Aerocom System Specialist. We can define your needs and deliver the application that is right for your facility.

Exploring system integration for hands-free operation can subside many personnel safety concerns surrounding hot sample transport.  Aerocom systems can be integrated with robotics and/or conveying systems to help optimize plant safety and workforce efficiency standards.  

Transport of hot or cold samples, bottled liquids with Aerocom’s leak-proof carrier, dry samples, or even samples from melting, casting, and milling production areas can be transferred in these systems.  QC will now be able to receive these samples at a speed of up to 25 feet per second.