Pneumatic Tube Solutions for Medical Facilities

Fast, Reliable Pneumatic Tube Systems for Healthcare

In today’s hospital environment, the responsibilities of critical key personnel have risen to an enormous strain. With this rise, hospitals have turned to technology to find answers. One way technology has answered these crucial needs is by transforming the way hospitals deliver many forms of their services.

Aerocom pneumatic tube systems can transport an array of materials from one location to the next. A pneumatic tube system is ideal for transporting the following items:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • lab specimens and plasma
  • injection vials

Because Aerocom connects the entire hospital, patients receive their medications quickly; nurses and doctors receive patient files and lab results faster increasing the level of care your patients receive.

From emergency rooms to laboratories, from the pharmacy to the nurse stations, and many other supporting areas, Aerocom’s technologies will have these key locations linked together. Items that once traveled by foot can now automatically reach their destination at speeds of up to 25 feet per second.

Overall, hospital operations and costs can now be streamlined so valuable hospital staff can focus on doing what they do best: caring for patients.

Optimize Your Internal Logistics

At Aerocom, we’ve designed a pneumatic tube system for healthcare, specifically designed to streamline operations and improve patient care. The following pneumatic tube systems are ideal for use in clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies:

  • AC3000/4000. The AC3000/4000 system is perfect for organizations that require quality control. With its slow speed and soft delivery options, you can safely transport sensitive items such as solid and liquid samples, hot samples, sensitive documents, pharmaceuticals, IV solutions, and whole blood or plasma. Learn more.
  • AC2U. The AC2U is a point-to-point system that serves to transfer small items quickly and reliably. It can accommodate high-traffic routes and connect with up to three locations. Learn more.

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We work with trained architects to design, manufacture, and install custom systems that are the perfect fit for your organization.