Pneumatic Tubes Systems for Manufacturing

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Custom Systems for Manufacturing Plants

Aerocom’s expert team has been designing, building and installing custom pneumatic tube systems for manufacturing plants across the globe for over 80 years. As a global leader in the industry, manufacturing facilities trust Aerocom to deliver cutting-edge systems that cut costs and increase efficiency. We understand that no single system will fit every unique need when moving such a diverse array of items. With the most flexible product line in the industry, Aerocom engineers can customize a system to meet nearly any requirement. Integrating with other vendors is no obstacle either. 

Benefits & Features

If your operation has redundant tasks involving routine foot traffic, Aerocom has systems that will save you time and money. With pneumatic tubes, you can expect:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Minimized foot traffic and wait time
  • Versatile systems that can be adapted to any facility
  • Optional features, like card swipe security and hands-free carrier return

Manufacturing Uses for Pneumatic Tubes

  • Transferring QA/QC samples to lab areas from production
  • Move small parts and raw materials to and from assembly areas
  • Send sign-off paperwork to and from the administrative offices for processing

Meet Our Clients

Replacements & Upgrades

Not all clients start from scratch! We can help you update and improve on your current pneumatic tube system, ensuring your facility operates smoothly.




Airbus Case Study

See how Aerocom Systems and Airbus partnered to drastically reduce their costs and improve efficiency.