Pneumatic Tubes in Logistics

Increase Efficiency in Your Logistics Facilities

The success or failure of a logistics & transportation company hinges on its ability to run efficiently. For many facilities, custom pneumatic tube systems are the perfect solution for moving physical product and materials from point A to point B. Tube systems are

Benefits & Features of Pneumatic Solutions for Logistics

  • Improve operational efficiency: save time and cut costs
  • Move necessary paperwork and materials within and between buildings with ease
  • Reduce or eliminate walk times
  • Minimize wait times for drivers and loaders

With the use of pneumatic tube systems, dispatch terminals can effectively move necessary materials throughout the building. Use a tube system to easily move paperwork and materials from an outside checkpoint to the inside, from the office to production, or from receiving and shipping docks to administration. Whatever needs your facility has, Aerocom will meet them with a custom system.