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Pneumatic Tube System Components

Aerocom pneumatic tube systems are designed to help you streamline production and improve your infrastructure. All of our products feature cutting-edge technology for safe, effective tube transport.


From point A to B or from point A to B to C to D and back again, Aerocom USA will define, design, and deliver the system right for you.


Our stations are built with end-users in mind, with intuitive digital interfaces that make sending and receiving easy.


With easy-to-open flip tops, glide rings for smooth transport, and durable material, Aerocom’s carriers are everything you need in pneumatic transport.


When a complex system requires multiple paths to and from a given station, a diverter is used at the intersection of those branching paths.


By creating a difference in air pressure between two ends of the system, the blower effectively sucks the carrier through the tubes.